How does your Psychometric Assessment Process compare?

Use this checklist to benchmark the quality of your psychometric assessment tool and decide if it meets your organisation’s needs.

Is your assessment process reliable and valid?

A reliable assessment consistently measures what it is intended to measure. This means you can be confident participants would consistently get the same results if re-tested or given an alternative version.


Do your assessments tick all the boxes?

Aon is a certified supplier

under the Talent Acquisition Scheme(TAS) for the New South Wales Government.
Aon's assessments follow computer-based testing guidelines

by the ITC and APS and are certified for barrier-free testing.
Aon's Assessments are ISO 27001 certified and fully GDPR compliant to ensure highest standards of Data protection.

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2 According to a Deloitte report, “Digital Consumer Trends 2020: Unlocking Lockdown”, 92% of the Australian population owned a smart phone in 2020 compared with 79% owning a laptop. 54% of Australian smart phone users use their mobile at least once per day, an increase from 48% in 2019, and around 20% use their smart phone for more than one hour per day. The survey also reported that, while Australia’s economy recently fell into its first recession in 30 years, causing consumer spending to slow, spending on mobile devices has bucked that trend and grown by 9%.


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