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In Australia, small businesses play a significant role in the economy and are the lifeblood of many communities, both in cities and rural areas.

Small businesses provide a unique level of service to customers and as an owner there are many factors to consider when planning, protecting and sustaining your business’s success.

At Aon, we can help you by providing advice and solutions to protect you, your business and all those who stand to benefit from its success, now and in the future.

Protection against your people risks

We provide insurances and advice focused on protecting the people that keep your business running, like you, your family and any other business partners you might have.

As a small business owner, a part of your business’s success inevitably comes down to your contribution. Personal insurances such as life, TPD and trauma insurance, key person insurance and income protection can safeguard you, your dependants and your business, should you become unable to work for any reason.

Tailored insurance packages that suit your needs

Aon small business insurance provides protection for over 100,000 small businesses in Australia. 

Our experts understand the unique risks and challenges that you face as a small business owner, and are dedicated to bringing you flexible insurance cover and peace-of-mind. 

Whether it’s professional indemnity insurance,  public liability insurance, product liability insurance, business insurance or management liability insurance, our tailored  insurance policies can help keep your business safe in the event of a claim.

As your advocate and broker, we regularly review our offers with insurers to make sure you continue to receive the best on the insurance for your business. We also offer industry aligned solutions in the areas of Health, Real Estate, Professionals, Entertainment, NFP, Equine, Other.

Planning for a positive future

Planning for success is just as important as protecting your business. A successful small business can provide services for a community, income for families and inspiration to owners for generations. 

To ensure that your business is equipped to sustain itself into the future, Aon can provide advice and support to help you develop strategies to grow your wealth. We can help you with items such as estate planning that ensure that your business and associated wealth is passed into the correct hands when you’re no longer around.

You can have peace-of-mind knowing that you and your business are covered against physical damages, liability and other events that could leave you out of pocket, or unable to operate for any period.

Get in touch to plan, protect and sustain a positive future for your small business.

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