Technology Hot Jobs
Market Study

The Technology Hot Jobs Market Study is designed to help HR leaders navigate an increasingly competitive environment.

It will provide essential insight into the employment markets for IT talent in Australia and New Zealand respectively, as well as making trans-Tasman comparisons.

Demand for technology skills is rising in almost every industry. Most organisations have embraced virtual operations, ramped up efforts to manage cyber risk and are focussing on technology-driven innovation to drive competitive advantage.

Hiring the wrong candidate has far-reaching implications for your organisation; including potentially negative consequences for existing employees and customers.

Your approach to sourcing talent for ‘hot’ technology jobs could impact business performance, so it’s important to have the right strategy in place.


Why participate?

Participants will receive a detailed report for either Australia or New Zealand, and access to real-time data and benchmarking tools that can help employers compete for in-demand technical skills.

HR managers, reward managers, executives and strategic planning officers will benefit from the study’s overview of the common policies and practices used to successfully manage ‘hot’ technology jobs.

Unlike other remuneration surveys, which take a historical view, this study will explore current targeting practices for technology roles in each country and analyse data to identify potential emerging trends.


Topics include

Attracting talent

  • Hiring practices for data science, AI, machine learning, cybersecurity, software engineering and DevOps

  • Best talent sources: graduates vs experienced talent from leading organisations vs both

  • Techniques for filling in-demand roles

  • Identifying candidates with the right skills. For example, data scientist vs data analyst

Pay practices

  • Using pay to attract and retain talent (sign-on awards, changes with promotion etc.)

  • Equity awards, spot bonuses and other special incentives

  • Geographic pay differentials for key roles vs. national pay rate

  • Premium pay packages (cash, equity) for hot jobs. A review of the pay mix by sector

Engagement and retention

  • Training and upskilling for technology hot jobs

  • Fostering innovation and collaboration within the tech function

  • Entrepreneurial or interesting projects for tech talent e.g. hackathons

  • Dual career paths for individual contributors with exceptional technical skill


To learn more about this study, Aon’s wide range of remuneration reports, Rem 101 training or Human Capital Solutions consulting services, please contact Neil Turner ,or Viet Kaas.