What if you could scan candidates’ words and automatically rate competency areas during video interviews?

Manually analysing interview responses is a time-consuming task that can only be undertaken by qualified professionals. Even then, it can be difficult to ensure a fair and transparent process.

Aon’s vidAssess-AI award-winning1 speech-to-text and natural language processing scoring technology to assist in providing a fair and transparent assessment process.

Now you can reduce your time-to-hire and eliminate human bias from your video interviews with the combination of Aon's AI technology and psychometric tools. 



  • Consistent and objective assessments to improve hiring decisions
  • Efficient, automatic rating of video interviews
  • Provides a more transparent recruitment process
  • Helps to mitigate human bias 

How it works

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Quick to set up and administer
Choose the competencies to interview for, using our standard model, or your own, with job analysis carried out by experts.

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Fair to candidates and decision-makers
Select from over 600 interview questions or use your own. Our client-independent AI model is enabled and linked with our award-winning validated personality model. The in-line ATS integration is globally accessible in a range of languages.

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Delivering a great candidate experience
Candidates take the video assessments on their preferred device, using our simple and intuitive interface.

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Trusted science and clear approach
Option to connect Net Promoter Score assessments, or to send candidate feedback reports, branded to reflect your company. Transcribed text from video interview is scored, showing both positive and negative indicators.

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Savings through resource efficencies
Quality interview videos are made available. All processes score in seconds, allowing the recruiter to override the scores based on further information.

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Making clear talent choices
Report is generated using our expertly trained algorithm showing scores per competency. Scores used to make clear talent choices quickly with a defensible glass box approach.


1Aon won the 2019 APS Workplace Excellence Awards in the category Emerging Directions in Organisational Psychology. This Australian Psychological Society award recognises organisational psychologists and organisations for their efforts in supporting employee health and psychological well-being, while enhancing organisational performance. 


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