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Employee assessment & selection


Aon helps global logistics leader to identify the best candidates for senior management roles.


This logistics leader identified the need to:

  • build a pool of internal candidates ready for promotion to first-level supervisor and manager positions
  • embed an efficient and effective assessment process to identify and assess the right candidates for managerial roles.


Aon partnered with the client to:

  • leverage a recent job analysis conducted by the company to understand the requirements needed upon entry into the target positions
  • determine three variations of the job that existed within the company
  • implement Aon’s proprietary Applicant Profile® Management assessment test to employee group, with variations for each of the job subtypes
  • validate research to determine the business impact of using the assessment for the client, helping them to defend their spend.


After implementing Aon’s solutions the client achieved:

  • the successful handling of over 25,000 internal and external applicant assessments each year using the Applicant Profile Management assessment test
  • a saving of nearly $700 per applicant by screening out unsuitable candidates early on
  • an additional $1million of increased performance value each year
  • improved attraction and retention of better qualified managers.

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