Gender pay equity

Gender pay equity

Are you looking to understand gender pay equity within your organisation but wondering where to start? Aon offers a range of services that can help your organisation address this critical issue.

Find out where you sit

Aon's Gender Pay Equity Report can give you fast, clear insight into where your organisation’s pay rates currently stand on the basis of gender. It is the only survey-based data report in the market that allows you to analyse gender pay equity within your organisation, while also benchmarking against the rest of the market.

The Gender Pay Equity Report is a comprehensive snapshot of workforce composition and pay levels by career level and job family. Gender differences in fixed pay and variable pay are identified and, importantly, Aon's performance rating data allows us to examine the findings normalised for performance outcomes.

The result is a low-cost, Board quality paper that can be added to your regular Aon survey subscription.

Take action

Aon's team of experienced consultants can also provide you with additional in-depth analysis and consultation on gender pay equity within your organisation. These solutions can be tailored to the meet the specific needs of your organisation, and align with your broader strategic goals.


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