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Workers' compensation insurance Australia

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Aon helps your organisation ensure the safety and health of your employees and minimise your workers’ compensation costs. Our services can assist you with:

  • employee wellness solutions
  • safety and security
  • absence management
  • employee benefits
  • risk management
  • actuarial science
  • occupational health and safety

In the event that something does go wrong, we also help your employees get back to work in the most cost effective and beneficial way.

Our workers’ compensation solutions

Our consultants will work with your organisation to:

  • achieve more competitive premiums and improved policy structures
  • identify key cost drivers (eg claims, wages, policy class) and improve future management of these costs
  • identify key claims drivers and implement sustainable strategies to mitigate risk
  • assist to maintain compliance across all jurisdictions
  • improve corporate governance to help you monitor your workers’ compensation program
  • manage relationships with insurers and providers ensuring proactive assessment your needs
  • negotiate, monitor and review service level agreements with insurers through our policy placement services.

Looking to self insure?

In Australia, employers who can meet specific eligibility requirements are able to opt out of the statutory workers' compensation system and self insure. We are the market leader in self insurance, with extensive experience and a proven track record in assisting clients to successfully self insure in state, territory and federal jurisdictions. Our consultants can help you:

  • conduct feasibility studies
  • prepare business cases
  • prepare licence applications
  • develop communication and transition strategies
  • conduct independent OHS audits against self insurer standards.
Through implementing Aon's workers’ compensation solutions, this transport company is saving over $6.25m each year.
An Australian transport company with national operations engaged Aon to review the structure of their national workers’ compensation arrangement
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