Job analysis

Job analysis and evaluation

Analysing, evaluating and sizing jobs in a consistent manner is one of the key challenges of pay and career management. Aon offers a range of solutions from competency and capability models through to traditional points-factor job evaluation to help you more efficiently manage this process.

We'll consult with key stakeholders to discuss your project plan with the goal to optimise the process of evaluation within your HR department.

Make consistent and defensible reward decisions

Job analysis involves one of our consultants systematically identifying and documenting important information associated with job roles within your organisation. This can include key responsibilities, activities, skills, work environment and required education levels.

A job analysis can benefit your organisation by:

  • allowing you to gain an in-depth understanding of the content of your organisation's job roles
  • delivering results that can be used for enhancing human resource strategies, activities, and processes
  • enhancing employees' trust in remuneration decisions by providing them with an opportunity to express their knowledge of the roles they perform and contribute to the processes that determine remuneration levels.

Manage your job evaluation process through JobLink™

JobLink™ is an evaluation solution suited to any organisation looking to structure their HR strategies, policies, practices and remuneration decisions around an objective assessment of jobs. We can set up JobLink™ for you so you can manage your evaluation processes internally, or we can manage it on your behalf.

Job evaluations are an essential element to provide basis for fair, transparent and defensible people management decisions. JobLink™ allows HR practitioners to:

  • deliver an agreed method and set of criteria for evaluating roles in your organisation
  • formulate a body of knowledge on the size and relative worth of roles by gathering, sorting and assessing information
  • minimise subjectivity and maximise consistency related to assessing the size of roles
  • compare and contrast the size of roles within your organisation and make consistent, rational and defensible HR/remuneration decisions
  • use job sizing information to build and maintain a solid HR/remuneration framework tailored to your organisation
  • increase the credibility of the HR/remuneration functions by providing a fair, transparent and communicable methodology for decisions.

JobLink™ also provides you with the infrastructure to manage your internal grading system effectively – including band level descriptors and a technology application. You can implement a generic version or we can tailor the solution for your organisation's unique needs.

JobLink™ is linked to Australia's leading remuneration database

Using our JobLink™ methodology allows you to easily underpin your grading structure with competitive market data from Aon's leading remuneration database. Aon paylines allow you to easily and robustly link job evaluation points to pay – with the security that the underlying data is comprehensive and relevant to your industry.


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