Actuarial Services

Our actuarial services and consulting firm

Financial risk, market instability and regulatory changes can make it difficult to manage your employees' retirement and long-term benefit programs. Especially those that align with business goals and optimise results for both employers and employees.

Aon's consultants and actuaries help ensure that your retirement programs are secure, equitable and sustainable, and can help your organisation design a market leading strategy to enable effective and efficient management of your retirement and long-term benefit plans.

Helping you mitigate risk from your long-term benefit plans

Our actuarial services ensure that your funding options and accounting strategies are aligned with your business goals and help you manage actuarial risk and exposure. We can assist to design a comprehensive strategy to enable effective management of your long-term benefit plans.

We proactively monitor and de-risk defined benefit retirement and long service liabilities to reduce cost volatility and accounting impact.

Our services span:

  • funding strategy;
  • actuarial advice and funding valuation assessments;
  • contribution recommendations;
  • de-risking and plan change advice;
  • asset liability modelling;
  • assumption setting advice;
  • accounting disclosures for retirement and long-term benefit plans in accordance with accounting standard AASB 119, US GAAP (ASC 715) and IAS 19.
Aon partners with employer to manage a staged de-risking and cost containment strategy
De-risking of defined benefit plans
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