Executive remuneration benchmarking

Executive remuneration benchmarking

In recent years there has been an increased need for specialised executive remuneration qualitative and quantitative research data.

At Aon, our Major Company Executive Data Service (MCEDS) was designed to meet this need by providing a detailed and unbiased source of executive remuneration information. Our unique approach extends beyond the CEO, it also covers key management personnel (KMP) in addition to the next one or two tiers below.

We match roles by sector, geographical reach, reporting level to CEO, organisation size and business unit size. This provides an unparalleled level of detail into the executive pay mix across a wide range of reporting levels across an expansive range of industries.

Access accurate executive benchmarking data

Due to the varying size and diversity of companies, it is difficult to compare executive roles across companies, industry and remit. The data on the CEO in one company might include market data for equivalent leadership roles at the third or fourth executive level of a large company. MCEDS has been created to ensure accurate benchmarking for top executives at a variety of levels.

Participating companies must have annual revenue in excess of AUD$1 billion. This criteria is set to incorporate the ASX100 and like-sized subsidiaries of multinationals.

To ensure quality data, we've developed a hybrid approach, using both position matching and job sizing. We build on the strengths of each of these approaches to minimise the impacts of their limitations.

MCEDS is able to provide actual figures to represent the size of the pay gap for certain roles, between large and medium sized business units. We also recognise the complex differences in roles which have regional, international and global responsibility.

Results are published in April and October each year and access to the report is restricted to subscribers only. This ensures the veracity of the data provided. Our customised data input software RapidRem makes submitting remuneration data simple.

Data trusted by the best

MCEDS provides comprehensive data on more than 3,832 individual executives.