Consulting services for Employers

Consulting services for Employers

Financial risk, market volatility and regulatory changes make it challenging for employers to design retirement programs that support business objectives and achieve positive outcomes for employees.

In an evolving retirement landscape, Aon's consultants help ensure your company's retirement programs are secure, equitable and sustainable. Thousands of companies globally trust us with their retirement plans because of our personalised service and the expert insights and advice we provide. We can your help your organisation with:

  • Defined contribution consulting services that analyse your company's objectives and employee population to help you meet your retirement planning goals. Our comprehensive approach gives you a full spectrum of services and solutions that can decrease risk, mitigate uncertainty and maximise the value you deliver to employees.
  • Governance, risk and compliance consulting to help you understand key risks and statutory/regulatory requirements that impact your long-term employee benefit programs while balancing business considerations and both operational and legal risks.
  • Global risk services that look at both sides of your pension balance sheet to help you understand and identify the level of risk that will generate the greatest return on your investment. We offer end-to-end risk management for innovative asset and liability-based solutions that lead to effectively managing your retirement plan risk.
  • Plan design consulting to provide data, benchmarking, tools and deep expertise to help you design the most appropriate retirement plan for your business and employees. We'll analyse your current plan, evaluate the financial and benefit implications of alternative designs and look at new concepts and approaches to help you take a holistic approach in designing your retirement plan.
  • Administration and communication services for both defined contribution and defined benefit plans through a packaged solution including trusteeship, recordkeeping, compliance services and customer service to help participants understand your program – through print, call centre and web solutions.

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