Insured benefits

Insured benefits

For organisations to be competitive in today’s environment - and to ensure they are properly looking after their most valuable asset, their employees - executives need to be managing a well-executed Insured Benefits program. Whether it is subsidised private health insurance, voluntary discounted health insurance offerings, group salary continuance or group personal accident insurance - these benefits need to be considered in the modern workplace.

As organisations compete for talent and focus on the wellbeing of their people, their comprehensive Insured Benefits plan should ensure they can:

  • Attract and retain the top talent
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Align with a global benefits philosophy
  • Provide employees with access to quality treatment in the event of illness or injury
  • Improve the tax position of its employees

Do your benefits work for your organisation?

If you are wondering whether your benefits program is giving your organisation the best value, you can begin by asking these ten questions:

  1. Do you know exactly what benefits are being provided?
  2. How well communicated are your benefits?
  3. How well understood and appreciated are they?
  4. Do you know what benefits your employees actually value - when was the last time you asked them?
  5. Is it meeting the needs of your employees as they change over time?
  6. Is it sufficiently addressing changing social factors, for example, an ageing workforce?
  7. Is it helping you to attract and retain the right employees?
  8. How does your organisation compare to others?
  9. To what extent do you look at your benefits program in its entirety?
  10. Are you sufficiently embracing the latest technologies?

How can Aon help?

Once you begin answering these questions, you may find yourself opening Pandora’s Box. Employee Insured Benefits can prove to be a substantial piece of ongoing work, and can often represent significant spend. At Aon, we can help you to benchmark your organisation’s benefits program to ensure you have a well-structured strategy in place not only now, but well into the future to ensure relevance and sustainability.

We can assist with all the following Insured Benefits:

  • Private Health Insurance (discounted voluntary and subsidised plans)
  • Group Life /TPD solutions
  • Salary Continuance Insurance
  • Group Personal Accident
  • Group Travel
  • Journey Cover and
  • Inpat/Expat Medical
  • Cancer Support

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