Health and safety risk assessment

Health and safety risk assessment

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Effective work health and safety (WHS) management reduces the risk of injury in your work environment and creates a more efficient workforce. Without a strategic workplace health and safety management program, you are leaving your employees exposed to work-related injury, which could significantly impact your organisation’s productivity, profitability and reputation. We can provide your organisation with specialist advice to help you minimise the frequency and consequence of these risks.

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Our WHS team is a specialist division helping your organisation with:

  • strategic planning – the benefits of an effective WHS strategic plan can create predictability in your safety performance, control resources for optimal results and allocate accountabilities for delivery of outcomes
  • management planning – this is a key document that acts as a subset of your WHS management system that applies to a specific worksite or procedure. Beyond the legal obligations, it’s often a defining factor in the success or failure of many tenders
  • management systems development – develop a system of related and interactive processes and activities that enables  your organisation to achieve its strategic safety objectives
  • safety culture and leadership – we’ll work with every level of your organisation to identify, develop and sustain behaviours to promote positive safety leadership and change
  • management system review/gap analysis – the WHS management system is critical for legislative compliance, demonstration of due diligence and establishment of a safety culture. We can conduct a capability analysis against recognised standards to identify gaps in critical safety elements specific to your industry and/or organisation
  • risk management and profiling – enable your key personnel to develop skills to identify, assess, control and monitor risks in the workplace
  • psychological risk management – identify key psychological risks facing your organisation and design mitigation strategies to prevent and proactively manage them
  • safety training and education services – we’re committed to developing the knowledge and skills of your people by providing consulting and training on critical safety elements and regulatory issues
  • WHS coaching and mentoring – our coaching processes provide ongoing support, (from on-site to 1-to-1, or in small groups) to help shape leaders while they’re building new behaviours in managing safety.


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